Master craftsmen of immersive experiences with specialist
knowledge, technology and marketing strategy

Austella is a digital content development studio with over 75 years combined experience developing 3D,
virtual and augmented reality applications. We exist to help you maximise your campaign success, whether that’s a product launch, brand awareness campaign,
internal or customer training, our unique mix of marketing experience and technology know-how will deliver results that exceed your success metrics

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We develop applications, both 2D and 3D for PC, console and mobile platforms. Our real passion is Virtual Reality, a truly disruptive technology that has applications across all number of industry sectors. Loosely VR can be segmented into 3 categories –


CGI 360 videos

Pre-rendered 360 videos are a great way to showcase a product or a brand. Using low cost VR headsets, the videos can be used across social media channels and/or on a dedicated 360 viewer app on smartphones, to enable the widest possible audience to engage with a brand or product.



Smartphone-based interactive apps

Smartphone apps that utilise low cost VR headsets such as Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR, are a great way to allow your customers to interact with your product or brand. Provide freedom in the virtual environment by combining free-roam with interactive elements for a high level of immersion.



Interactive PC or console VR

Combining highly realistic stylised environments with complex interactions. The ideal route where deep engagement is required, be that hands-on product training, product demonstration or simply where you want to give your audience freedom to explore the environment you create.


Clients work with us for our award-winning VR solutions, and wealth of experience across multiple industries

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