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Austella is a digital content development studio based in Ascot, Berkshire. We specialise in 3D, virtual and augmented reality applications, both serious and fun in nature, from 360 pre-rendered CGI videos to PC-based interactive VR experiences, and everything in between. Developing for virtual reality poses many challenges that only through experience can be overcome. Austella has a combined wealth of over 75 years experience developing applications, stretching back before the launch of the latest in-vogue VR headsets, that stands us in good stead to tackle the most complex customer requirements.

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Virtual Reality is a rapidly evolving landscape with new players entering at a staggering rate. We pride ourselves on spotting the game changers and getting to grips with the technology as early as possible. To date we have developed applications for all the main VR & AR platforms.

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Clients work with us for our award-winning VR and AR solutions, and wealth of experience across multiple industries

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