Mark Cundle

CEO and Founder of Austella

Mark has always been interested in technology, after a stint as an electronics design engineer developing radar detection systems, Mark moved into technical marketing.

In this role, Mark built a solid reputation for defining and launching disruptive software, with millions of engineers across the globe now using his software. It’s a combination that serves our customers well, a deep understanding of how to best utilise software to achieve the desired KPI’s, combined with a deep appreciation of how to build compelling marketing experiences.

Mark first founded Tammeka with a view to breaking early guidance on how VR should be done, by launching the first and ridiculously fast-paced VR arcade racing game, Radial-G. That followed shortly thereafter with the formation of Austella to provide serious VR applications.

In his spare time, Mark can be found down the gym in the misguided view that he can still make it as a professional rugby player for his beloved Northampton Saints.