Michalis Mavronas

Art Director

Michalis is a highly experienced 3D artist having spent the last 15 years mastering his tools of the trade – 3DSMax, Maya, Z-Brush and Cubase.

Prior to joining Austella Michalis worked on many 3D simulation, gaming and serious VR projects.  Not satisfied with producing stunning visual artwork, Michalis is also an accomplished audio composer. Going under the pseudonym KohTACT, Michalis has created many soundtracks of note, most recently a published artist on the Radial-G OST sitting alongside electronic heavyweights such as Utah Saints and Delta Heavy.

See his work here – Artstation

Hear his work here – Soundcloud

Outside of work, Michalis interests revolve around the music scene, but he also has a more sedate side and loves cookery, rustling up gourmet meals for the team.