Bringing the mechanics of distribution to life

It’s now commonplace to see “Order before 6pm to receive next day” splashed across the biggest online retailers’ websites, but have you ever thought about the processes that makes that possible…

Mouser Electronics are a leading global distributor, shipping over 3 billion electronic components each year from their warehouse in Texas, across the globe. A complete order is fulfilled every 14 minutes. The products they sell fuel electronic engineers across the world and find their home in everything from mobile phones, to home automation, to in-car infotainment systems.

Mouser Electronics wanted to give their customers a first-hand view of the journey a component takes to fully explain the magnitude of their logistics operation.

Delivering the experience

We worked alongside our partner Immersivly to create a storyboard charting a components journey from shelf to delivery truck via the 2.5 miles of conveyer system that stretches out around the 610,000sq ft of warehouse, stopping at various automated systems to ensure what the customer ordered, is what they receive.

The result was a 360 video that turned an often ignored part of the distribution process into a rollercoaster ride through conveyers, touching the real people that often go unseen.

The footage was captured during a two-day shoot on location in Texas and a further week of editing produced the end result.
Mouser chose to unveil their 360 experience at Maker Faire in Rome using the GearVR, and to support the campaign, Austella supplied branded cardboard headsets that were given to passing crowds.

If viewing via a web-browser simply drag your mouse over the video to change the viewpoint. To enjoy this video in VR, view this webpage with your mobile phone, play the video and click the goggles icon to set in splitscreen, VR mode.