A 360 content delivery platform for publishers and broadcasters

Svhere is a virtual reality news app that uses metadata from 360-degree video to drive users to related content using machine learning. Svhere is a white-label application available to news companies and other content makers.

Svhere links 360-degree video news to other digital formats, making news in VR part of a monetisable content ecosystem for news companies. It provides news companies with a monetised player and content management system for 360-degree video. Searches for related content remain active, keeping the 360-degree videos evergreen.

It drives new customers (attracted to news in VR) to publishers’ other verticals, and content archives.

At a system-level Svhere is a 360 content eco-system consisting of a content management system (CMS), customisable iOS and Android VR application, and real-time machine learning content APIs.

Svhere is made available from Immersive IP Ltd, a joint venture between Austella Ltd and Immersivly Ltd. Signal Media, a London-based are a collaborator to the project, providing the machine-learning search and serving of related content on a real-time basis.

Svhere began life in early 2016 through a chance conversation between Louis Jebb, a prominent journalist and current CEO of Immersivly; and Mark Cundle, Founder and Managing Director of Austella.

Immersivly are a 360 content creation company who were seeing great success in promoting their creation services, however many clients hit a major stumbling block when serving the content to the end consumer, as mainstream streaming services such as YouTube transcode the video, essentially reducing the bit-rate and resolution. Clearly the ambition of any content provider is to deliver the content at the quality it was recorded.

A prototype of Svhere was created in early 2016 which served as a test platform for a number of content providers.

Recognition from Google

Having outlined the challenge to Google’s Digital News Initiative, we received a warm reception to the development and recognition of the challenges faced by content providers.

The positive response led us to apply for funding to bring Svhere to full launch. On 17th November 2016 the DNI announced Svhere was to receive funding.

If you are a content maker, publisher or broadcaster interested in Svhere, latest news can be found at the Svhere website or contact us at support@austella.co.uk