Svhere receives Google funding

Svhere 360 content delivery platform receives funding from Google DNI

Svhere is a virtual reality news app that uses metadata from 360-degree video to drive users to related content using machine learning. Svhere is a white-label application available to news companies and other content makers.

The development of Svhere began in response to a challenge faced by content creators, publishers and broadcasters. That problem is in how to manage and distribute 360 content without degrading the video quality. Secondly, how do 360 videos that typically take longer to publish owing to more complex editing processes, remain relevant and topical.

Svhere has been warmly received among the content creator network leading us to apply for funding from the Google Digital News Initiative.

Bringing the beta to full release


We are happy to report that we received a positive response to our funding request, as Google more than anyone recognise the additional ways in which consumers are looking to consume content.

We fully expect the full version of the app to be completed in Q1 2017.

To follow latest developments, head over to the Svhere website.

If you’re a content creator, publisher or broadcaster wanting to learn more about Svhere, please contact for more information.