Austella is a digital content development studio specialising in 3D, virtual and augmented reality applications, both serious and fun in nature.

Specifically in VR, we can loosely group our services into three categories:


CGI 360 Experiences

Pre-rendered 360 videos are a fantastic way to showcase a product or brand. Low-cost VR-headsets that utilise smartphones ensure your experience can be enjoyed by the biggest possible audience.

YouTube now supports 360 videos and enables a supporting social marketing campaign. The advantage of pre-rendered videos the onus is taken off the smartphone to render which enables photo-realistic or heavily detailed environments.

Typical Applications:

  • Pre-roll virtual tour guides
  • Product/brand marketing
  • Location showcasing
  • Employee engagement

Example 360 Experience


Mobile VR Applications

Smartphone-based VR applications utilise low cost VR headsets such as Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR. They provide the user freedom to free-roam around the environment and interact and interrogate the virtual artefacts within that space. These are typically distributed via iTunes and Google Play if the app is customer-facing and you can also create and publish a pre-rendered play-through for social media channels.

Typical Applications:

  • Product demonstrators
  • Virtual (user-driven) tour guides
  • Employee training & Engagement
  • Games, both serious and fun
  • Trade show attractors

Example Mobile VR Application


PC or Console VR Applications

Combining highly realistic or heavily stylised environments with complex interactions, this is the ideal platform when deep immersion is required, be that hands-on employee training, product demonstration, exhibition stand attractions and virtual CGI-tours.

The ability to Integrate with haptic controllers, simulator seats and motion tracking devices provides the ultimate in immersive experience.

Typical Applications:

  • Exhibition stand attraction
  • Employee training & Engagement
  • Product Demos and Training
  • Games, both serious and fun

Example PC Application


Concept Development

Technology is moving at an alarming pace, of course it’s our job to be ahead of the curve, to understand new technology and how it can be used to achieve your objectives. We’re not ashamed to say that we spend a lot of time playing with new technology…or as we call it “R&D”!

There’s a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding around what is and isn’t possible with technology, this phase of the development process provides a great opportunity to talk through some of those issues. Ideally our first meeting therefore will be face-to-face at your premises, this enables us to get a better understanding of your business needs, company culture, your objectives and the measure of success for your specific project.

Whether you’re aiming to create product awareness, build brand loyalty, educate your customers or staff, our team of designers and concept artists will generate a range of proposals for consideration. Whilst we’d all like endless budgets, we are realists and are happy to advise on the art of the possible within your budget constraints.


Product Design

Whether a 360 pre-rendered experience or an interactive VR application, this is arguably the most important phase of the project.

We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your requirements are fully understood and served by the proposed design. We take pride in our understanding of VR, we have gained an appreciation for what does and doesn’t work in VR, but we appreciate we’re not experts in your field. We therefore expect this to be an iterative, collaborative phase, working towards sign-off by all stakeholders before entering into the development phase.

The output of this stage will be a design document covering:

  • Experience flow (if animation) or interactions (if an interactive experience)
  • Environment + character concept drawings/illustrations
  • Development schedules
  • Sign off/amend/feedback dates



When the magic happens! We take the paper design and turn it into (virtual) reality!

Our team of experienced 3D artists, coders, animators and designers work diligently to ensure you are delivered an awe-inspiring experience that helps you to meet and indeed, exceed your key measures of success.

Throughout the development cycle we will provide weekly updates to keep you fully abreast as your experience takes shape. Within these updates will be 3D models, schematic animations (if creating a 360 CGI experience) and various application builds as we progress. Part of the output of the preceding design phase is to agree upon a number of sign-off dates, these will relate to various assets that need approval before progressing further with development. You can feel confident therefore that your application will be exactly as you originally specify. Being on the other end of the development process, we’ve experienced the dismay at being delivered something that is not as originally specified… the key to avoiding that is of course regular communication through the development process and hence this is something we pride ourselves on.

Test & Deployment

There are a huge number of hardware, VR headset and OS configurations, to ensure your intended audience receives the greatest experience, we vigorously test your experience to ensure it works perfectly, both from a usability perspective, but also to ensure negative effects associated with simulation sickness are minimised.

Only once we’re fully satisfied we hand over the experience and provide guidance on how to distribute to your intended audience.

If you have no experience of publishing applications on the various app stores, no problem, we’re seasoned veterans so can guide you through the process or simply do it for you.